The Origins of (Crib) Life.

Born in Perth (1985), a pit-stop point halfway through my parents’ 18 month outback odyssey to the farthest reaches of Australia, I’d crossed the country coast to coast in the back of a slide-on camper before I’d managed to stutter a word or stumble a step.

The folks eventually settled on Byron Bay, with dad working to establish Heart’n’Soul surfboards, and mum getting involved in the local Steiner school. All of us living and loving the coastal lifestyle. Weekends and holidays were spent chasing waves and winds up and down the east coast, towing as many boats, boards, tents and eskies as the old Citroën wagon would drag.

The daily doses of salt, sun and sand combined with the countless hours of road-tripping spawned a deep love of our natural landscape and fed a particular interest in the ‘utility of life’.

These passions quickly matured into full time pursuits in the fields of art and design. Picking Brisbane for its proximity to Byron - I spent a decade there immersing myself in the creative industries. Studying fine art, architecture and industrial design before working professionally in a multidisciplinary studio delivering projects spanning intimate personal products to large scale ventures for multi-national clients.

10 years on, the city’s lure of work and greater opportunity just wasn’t enough to resist the rising desire for a sea-change and a return to the Bay. Propelled by fresh priorities and a decade of problem solving; it was time to leave the bright lights in the rear-view, and get re-acquainted with the salty essentials of coastal living.

Crib Life Wares are the product of this story, thoughtfully created to augment a life of simple pleasures and basic measures. What you see here is the story so far.

Jules Munro.

All products are made in collaboration with local manufacturers who share this passion, preach quality in their craft and work only with the finest materials.